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Rebekka Schmidt

Rebekka Schmidt Product Owner Innovation Lab Science

Phone +49 (0) 911 2743 6520 E-Mail

JOSEPHS® for partners Service innovation and testing together with the customer: simple, data-based and technology supported

JOSEPHS® enables the active involvement of users and other engaged people in the development, introduction and commercialization of new services and products. JOSEPHS® is an open laboratory, a platform for innovative service concepts and novel prototypes.

JOSEPHS helps you to answer these sample questions:

  • Are my (service) innovations capable to put a smile on the face of a customer, or do they rather cause surprise or even frustration?
  • What is the unfiltered feedback regarding my new development idea?
  • What triggers for further development can I gain from exchange and interaction with "the people out there"?


    • The place: more than 400 m2 
    • Parts: Service Laboratory, Think Tank, Gadget Shop and Coffee
    • Open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 and Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00
    • Theme worlds changing every 3 months, creating a common topic around all interaction islands, e.g. lifestyle, sports, games, health, etc.
    • Location: in the heart of the Nuremberg city center, 3 Karl-Grillberger Str. / Hintere Lederergasse (opposite to WÖHRL and SATURN)

      Companies as our clients can choose from a package of options for interactive innovation:

      • Research design workshop
      • Joint design of "test islands" of 5 m2, 15 m2 or more
      • Application of Fraunhofer technology
      • Observation protocols
      • Three month test circle
      • Communication of the project, both off- and online, in local and national press
      • Analysis and presentation of research results

      At JOSEPHS®, the interactions and emotions of potential customers with new products, services and store concepts can be measured with the support of the latest Fraunhofer technology:

      • awiloc® is a fully functional platform for positioning in urban and indoor settings; Enables an indoor localization and route planning.
      • SHORE™ allows the anonymous detection of objects and faces as well as the demographic and emotional analysis of faces; Automatic detection of how long certain groups of visitors pay attention to defined objects, such as a screen or a product.

      Use cases

      1. An existing online business wants to enter the offline retail world.

      Company A develops and operates an internet shop for customization of working clothes. The offer is well marketed and valued because it is customizable and in the same time sets fashion trends. The web tools for customization and fitting are highly appreciated by their online customers. After running their business online for five years now, company A is considering to introduce some flagship-stores; Despite all the technological progress, the real store atmosphere and feel still constitute a significant sales aspect. At JOSEPHS®, company A can, just to name a few possibilities, explore what elements are needed for an offline store and what kind of links between online and offline sales are supportive and/or expected for a future conept.

      2. Determination of user acceptance and development of an innovation making use of rapid social prototyping.

      Company B is currently in the process of developing an important innovation. The project team wants to measure the user acceptance of the current prototype and observe how the prototype is actually perceived in real use. At the same time, company B wants to find out what additional services would be considered helpful by their future customers. Company B decides to make use of JOSEPHS® as they prefer to involve "regular people" in an offline retail atmosphere rather than virtual reality. Furthermore, the company wants to strongly involve their employees in the development of the new offer and give them the chance to interact with the visitors at JOSEPHS®.

      Project process Rapid Social Prototyping

      The JOSEPHS®-Rapid-Social-Prototyping concept is based on the principles of open innovation, product and service customization and prototype-based iterative innovation (interactive value creation). What are the questions that help companies drive their future business? What would be really great to know from users and non-users, in the unfiltered voice of the customer?
      We develop the right research questions as well as the suitable data sources and tools for analysis together with our clients, in hands-on workshops, inspired by design thinking.