JOSEPHS® - The Service Manufactory

Something new every 3 months! JOSEPHS® is a store located in the city center of Nuremberg where visitors can test and co-create new concepts, prototypes and ideas by larger and smaller companies for free, as often as you like and during  regular opening hours.
Just stop by and discover the JOSEPHS® experience!

In the service workshop right now: Future of Work

In the new theme world »Future of Work«, which startet on March 2nd, visitors are asked how they want to work in the future. Try out new prototypes and reveal your dream work environment!
Stop by at JOSEPHS, we are looking forward to your visit!



Together with Consorsbank, visitors can be involved with the subject of artificial intelligence in bank consulting. What should a digital consultant look like? Which services would you like to be offered?
Visitors can be creative when putting together a digital banking consultant. Here you can also discover a first prototype of a digital consultant.

BMBF – Science Year 2018

BMBF – Science Year 2018

The Science Year 2018 is all about working environments for the future. How will people work in the future? How will working environments be designed? And what role do science and research play in shaping these new working worlds?
Experience. Learn. Design. - Under this motto, visitors can join in the discussion lounge, ask questions and find common solutions for innovative projects. In the beginning visitors can test, evaluate and develop the climate fountain.
The Science Year 2018 is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Future of work

Future of work

Where, how and when do you want to work in the future? Visitors of this island can design their ideal working environment and working hours of the future with Lego or Post-its on a mind map. Those who are particularly interested can be inspired by further reading matching the theme of the future of work.

Federal ministry of Labour

Federal ministry of Labour

The focus of the Federal ministry of Labour is the question of how to offer its customers appropriate communication channels in the future. Which personal, written and digital communication channels do visitors want?
Visitors can indicate their preferred channels of personal, written and digital communication on various issues. In addition, visitors can further develop a chatbot and interactively contribute their own ideas.

Previous theme worlds


The theme world »MEGATRENDS«, which ran from December 1st 2017 until February 27th 2018, was all about experiencing new prototypes, products and ideas regarding the mega trends sustainability, human machine interaction and digitisation.

»Senses in a digital World«

From September until November 2017 visitors could explore the theme world »Senses in a digital World«. This theme world was all about new technologies, concepts or procuts regarding senses in a digital world.

»Smart Services«

During the theme world »Smart Services« from June until August 2017 visitors could discover the wide world of services: IT-security, electric mobility, interactive displays and a digital farmers market are ideas our visitors enhanced.


From March until May 2017 visitors could explore the theme world »Media«. Here visitors could experience various products and concepts regarding the future of the media, such as apps, digital newspapers, insurance products or new websites.

»Live & Work«

From November 2016 and January 2017 our visitors could discover the theme world »Live & Work«. During this time visotors could try out new ideas, concepts and products around the topics living and working in the future.

»Human Machine Interaction«

In the theme »Human Machine Interaction« from August until October 2016 visitors could experience and try out things regarding the cohabit of machines and humans.

»Adventure & Travel«

In the theme world »Adventure & Travel«, which ran from May until July 2016, visitors could experience a hotel check-in setting, different travel booking apps, recycled bags made out of life wests and three different crowdfunding projects.

»Fitness & Safe Mobility«

From February until April 2016 our visitors could experience the theme world »Fitness & Safe Mobility«. Here visitors could test a micro-sleep alerter, configurable strollers, new fitness trends and an online platform for patients with dementia.

»SMARTer Living«

With the motto »SMARTer Living« our visitors could experience smart technologies ranging from smart home systems, smart typing methods for tablets, smart research technologies or smart learning to smart shopping from November 2015 until January 2016.

»Playful Development of Innovations«

From August until October 2015, visitors were invited to experience live robots, assess the quality of wooden board games, try out games for both older generations and for the little ones, as well as test a CityApp which was developed step by step at JOSEPHS in the theme world »Playful Development of Innovations«.

»Future Commerce«

From May 2015 until July 2015, JOSEPHS was welcoming and inviting visitors to test shopping-assistant apps, experience how advertisements individually try to address each person via emotion recognition, how to share one's wardrobe in a social network, learn the benefits and challenges of logistics and solve various tricky logistics tasks within the theme world »Future Commerce«.

»Everything about E – digital, mobile and energized«

From February until April 2015, visitors were invited to the theme world »Everything about E – digital, mobile and energized« to feel music, experience a rollercoaster ride in 3D and get to know more about electronic mobility. Our partners for this theme were DEXPER.IO, Fraunhofer IIS, HYVE and the research project CODIFeY.

»Leisure: Active and Self-made«

From October 2014 until January 2015, JOSEPHS® invited visitors to discover quite a number of new stuff: stylish crochet, DIY with the help of laser technology, newest technology for self-measuring and sports tracking and smart public games in the theme world »Leisure: Active and Self-made«.

»Around the Box«

From the beginning of August to the end of October 2014, JOSEPHS ran the theme world »Around the Box«. All visitors were invited to design, test and experience design methods and new designs, try out time-saving future concepts and to co-develop new solutions through hearing and emotion.

»Creative - Hands and Feet«

The countless opportunities to give to products and services a personal touch, characterized the first theme world »Creative - Hands and Feet« in JOSEPHS. From May to July 2014, regional as well as established Germany-wide companies presented their products and innovations.