let your students develop!
let your students develop!
let your students develop!
let your students develop!
Service Design workshops for schools

Do you want your students to learn about services with applied methods? Come to JOSEPHS® and do a Service Design Workshop with your class!
In this interactive workshop students learn about services, discover diffrerent Service Design methods and can apply the theory in practice.

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Rebekka Schmidt

Rebekka Schmidt Project team JOSEPHS

Phone +49 (0) 911 58061 9566 E-Mail rebekka.schmidt(at)scs.fraunhofer.de

Children's University @ JOSEPHS®

The children's university at JOSEPHS® is an offer of the Chair Wi1 at schools and childcare facilities, which will give their students exciting insights into science and current topics.
Following the 45-minute interactive lecture, the children have the opportunity to playfully discover the JOSEPHS® in the current theme world.

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... for booking a children's university @ JOSEPHS®:

Sascha Oks

Sascha Oks Speaker Childrens' University@JOSEPHS

E-Mail sascha.oks (at) fau.de